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Ojas – The Essence of Life

Ojas is the vital life energy that controls our immunity, strength and happiness. When our Ojas is weak, our health, spirit and energy decline. Ojas is a living protoplasmic substance that is the basis of the physical immunity of every cell and protects the integrity of the individual. It is formed from the last (reproductive) tissue and contains essence of all the seven Dhatus (bodily tissues). It passes through the heart, circulates around the body and maintains the natural resistance of all tissues. 

One way to build healthy Ojas is to nourish the body with healthy, prana- rich foods, and to pay mindful attention to our digestive system (agni). Balanced agni is crucial because only with a healthy and balanced digestive capacity are we able to transform the nutrients from the foods we eat into the subtle essence of Ojas.

Foods to boost your Ojas:





Whole grains


Mung beans


Coconut oil

According to Ayurveda, Ojas is one the most essential things for maintaining a healthy body. It is your inner light, your radiance, vitality, energy and physical strength. This vital juice is necessary for a complete and fulfilling life. Without it, the immune system weakens, and the spirit declines. A person with good Ojas is calm and content, healthy, creative, energetic, has a youthful appearance, all sensory, motor and mental functions are functioning properly, and has a strong immunity. These are the people we come across in our day to day lives that simply shine a light on us. A person with low Ojas is weak, anxious, lacks vitality, has a poor complexion, gets sick easily and has a general deficient appearance.

Function of Ojas:

  • Maintaining the body and sustaining life and vitality

  • Maintaining the fluid balance of the entire body

  • Promoting complexion of the skin and the voice

  • Supporting the sensory and motor organs

  • Supporting the Dhatus (bodily tissues)

  • Govern knowledge, intellect, patience and memory



Signs of high Ojas:


  • A glowing complexion

  • A sparkle in your eyes

  • Physical strength

  • Plenty of energy

  • Sharp sense organs

  • No aches and pains

  • Robust health and immunity

  • A sense of lightness in your body and mind

Mental and emotional:

  • Mental clarity and focus

  • Vitality

  • Creativity

  • A profound sense of well-being

  • Happiness and joy

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