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What does an Ayurvedic consultation include?

  • Detailed assessment of your personal and medical history

  • Assessment of your body constitution

  • General assessment of your physical health, diet, digestion, sleep pattern, your current stress level and well-being

  • Assessment of any current physical or psychological imbalances

  • Tongue and nail examination

  • Pulse reading (on-site consultation)

After a complete assessment of your body and mind, I will share with you any imbalances from the perspective of Doshas and on basis of your body constitution. You will receive a health plan tailored to your situation with appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle, which will have a positive effect on your well-being and your unique body constitution. All possible root-causes for your current imbalance will be discussed and you will be made aware of positive changes to avoid the contributing factors.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your current imbalances.🤍

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